At Q4 Designs we are here to build our brand and retail partners far beyond any expectations. Our teams of category-specific experts make this possible every step of the way.

Our four areas of expertise include:


Our skilled design team collaborates with our brand partners on key trends and performance technology to ensure one unified brand and product assortment. Each design is developed with direct involvement with the licensors to ensure our lines represent a seamless extension of each brand. By focusing on each brand as a separate and unique entity, this allows us to create a nuanced strategy perfectly tailored to each brand’s northstars.

Innovation & Product Development
We leverage proprietary data, new fabric technologies, and trend analysis to inform our designs and products development process. As a result, we ‘re able to offer cutting-edge design solutions and faster speed to market.


Our world-wide network is built on multi-generational relationships with factories, resulting in an unparalleled production and distribution platform. Q4 Designs produce products that are then coordinated with our network of key distribution centers.

Social Compliance
We ensure our factories adhere to the highest standard of a quality work environment for their employees through independent audits and long term relationships with our partners.

Global Centers
We produce goods in many countries around the world but our main global centers are located in Shanghai, Seoul, and Hong Kong.


Our well-experienced planning team embraces reporting and collaboration with our customers to create mutually agreed upon goals that can be measured and tracked.
Our planners analyze real-time sales data to inform key decisions optimized to the needs of our customers. This can be everything from selecting store locations that will be aligned with the respective brand, coordinating deliveries so products will be available during peak buying periods, and setting the correct prices to balance attracting customers with maximizing profits.

Our specialized sales teams are capable of securing strategic, long-term partnerships for our brands have knowledge of the retail landscape and consumer buying patterns, which enables them to consistently deliver value and newness.

The Q4 Designs Sales teams work in partnership with our Retail Customers to ensure that they exceed long-term and seasonal growth targets. They’re passionate about finding smart ways to out-perform forecasts.


Warehousing & Logistics
We have five warehouses in the US: 3 in Los Angeles and 2 in New Jersey. All of our domestic facilities are equipped for bulk pick, pack and replenishment, as well as e-Comm fulfillment. We contract with best-in-class operations and have multi-year relationships with each of our partners. We also provide cross-deck and FOB ex: works, logistics and shipping.