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Fabric and Trim R&D and sample development
Production coordinator and QC team
Product testing, compliance and back office importing team
Logistics And Fulfillment

Samsung C&T America (SCTA) supports Q4 with a full range of logistics solutions, including pick & pack, replenishment, drop shipment, and direct to consumer e-commerce. Domestically Q4 operates bi-coastal state of art facilities in Los Angeles and New Jersey with a combined 1.2 million square feet that cater to each specific customer’s demands. Both facilities manage and handle all import clearance, nationwide shipping and logistics.

Q4’s overseas offices work closely with our counterparts at Samsung on every level and stage of supply chain management, coordinating our far ranging network supplier’s and manufacturing partners. SCTA’s Shanghai branch manages FOB shipments to Q4 international retail accounts across Asia and Europe and throughout the America’s.

Our overseas offices are well-versed and proficient in handling and fulfilling all international Direct Imports from the point of manufacture.

SCTA’s (Fashion and Textile division) serves as a Q4’s integral partner for finance and allows the company to leverage its buying power with the financial strength of one of the world’s largest and most profitable industrial conglomerates. In addition, SCTA’s extensive international trading network yields important purchasing and distribution savings shared with our customers, along with critical data and expertise in product development, market trends and brand building.
Sourcing and Sustainability
Q4’s Worldwide Trading network provides the company with the sourcing power needed to deliver premium products at a value prices. The division operates three offices in Asia, which act in concert with the headquarters in New York.  Our Seoul branch is at the forefront of fabric development, maintaining ongoing R&D with market-leading mills in Japan, Korea and other major textile centers. Our long standing relationship with these innovation – driven producers puts Q4 far ahead of the market in fabric technology, in turn allowing us to offer our retail partners to stand out in terms of look, feel, performance and price.


Shanghai is our center for sourcing and quality control, managing Q4’s production at more than two dozenkey factories across China and Southeast Asia, some relationship, which go back decades. Our Asia based staff and agents channel our production to ensure the best quality and value for every SKU. As well, members of our New York sourcing team are on site to monitor our partner factories performance and output during peak production seasons. Q4 production works with many suppliers that are WRAP rated and certified on annual basis and all of our vendors strictly adhere to international standards for health, safety and human rights.


Our Hong Kong office handles inspection and FOB orders, including our shipments to accounts to more than a dozen different Countries throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.


Q4 Sustainability: the company holds a very strong regard and commitment to the highest ethical standards and sustainability measures. Q4 prides itself in conducting business in a manner that is socially responsible, never compromising integrity and maintaining standard at the highest moral.