Butter started with two kids from Queens. They have been in the women and juniors retail business in Long Island New York since 1983. Along with a chain of successful stores, they started Butter Super Soft in 2007.
Butter Super Soft is the “it” brand for sweatshirts and sweatpants. It is known as the world’s softest sweatshirt. It is one item you must have in your wardrobe. We have an endless amount of color fleece to choose from. The garments are designed to have a vintage washed feel, which is why it is buttery soft.
All of our designs are created daily and are the hottest trends of today to satisfy the customer’s thirst for fashion. The Appliqués are made up of the finest rhinestones, Rhine studs and nail heads. They are the best the market can offer. They are beautiful like jewelry.
Along with Butter’s Hands-on experience, their success is attributed to understanding their customer and providing them with exceptional service. “We try to do the best we can to make our customers happy and look fabulous”.